Welcome to One World Spiritual Center!

We invite you to our Sunday Gatherings, where we have inspirational speakers, wonderful, upbeat music and a warm and welcoming community. We can’t wait to meet you!

In addition to our weekly services, we offer classes & workshops open to all, as well as programs for kids of all ages. At One World, we believe peace is possible and that when we choose to see each other through eyes of love, peace flows through us into our world. If you are seeking a community of open, loving and accepting members, committed to personal spiritual growth, One World is for you!

Sunday Gatherings ~ 11:00 am

The Open Mind Center
1575 Old Alabama Road, Suite 213
Roswell, GA 30076


Our Community

We are spiritual seekers from many backgrounds and faith traditions.  We learn and practice universal spiritual principles as taught by many wisdom teachers, ancient and modern. We believe that strong, supportive community strengthens us on our individual paths. We believe the goal of our spiritual journey is to love and serve others and be a presence of genuine peace, compassion, and kindness in our world.

We are an interfaith community and believe there are many paths to God, and all are deserving of respect, honor and celebration.

We believe in and cultivate our inner wisdom, and believe that love is our true essence. We believe that peace is possible, and that when we choose to see each other through the eyes of love that peace flows though us and into our world.


Our Values

As a community we have identified the following to be our most important values:

~ Spirituality ~

We realize both our spiritual and physical natures as the divine expressing in, as and through us.

~ Acceptance ~

We honor the many paths to God and your own spiritual journey.

~ Inspiration ~

We awaken and are alive with a joyful enthusiasm, celebrating that we are expressions of Spirit on earth.

~ Diversity ~

We celebrate and learn from the rich diversity of people, faiths and cultures that make up our communities.

~ Fun ~

We bring a playful, curious energy to everything we do. We learn, love and laugh together.


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