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When all else fails, take a break

hammocks-413714_1920Have you ever worked and worked on something for hours until you were so frustrated and confused you couldn’t think? You finally gave up and walked away. A week later, you stumbled back on to your unfinished task, only to solve the problem in 10 minutes.

Sometimes, all we need is time itself–space to clear our heads and regroup, space to gain some perspective.

Other aspects of our lives are no different. We seek answers repeatedly with no solution in sight. Sometimes, only when we release the struggle and our need for a solution can an answer appear.

Next time you are faced with a challenge that seems insurmountable, try taking a break instead. Give yourself time to percolate at your deepest levels and allow the answer to come to you in its own time. This will keep your focus on gratitude for what’s working in your life, instead of frustration with what’s not.

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