"Out of Chaos, Clarity" with Rev. Melanie Eyre this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful music each week! We hope you enjoy as much as we do! Sunday Gathering & Children’s Program @ 11am …

When the details of our lives wrap us up in confusion and anxiety, it helps to take a step back and take what we call the balcony view. Our challenges can look …

Teflon or Velcro?

​Sister Joan Chittister tells the story of a seeker who once asked an elderly monk “What is it you do in a monastery?” And the old man took a minute and then he answered “oh, we fall and we get up, and we fall and we get up, and we fall and we get up again.” Do you ever feel like your life is following the same pattern? We fall down, we get up, and we repeat the process. What spiritual principles can we learn to help us bounce back more fully when we do


We are so lucky to have Asha and our band!


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Do you let life’s challenges stick to you like Velcro, building up and eventually covering you over? Or do you let them slide right off, maintaining your peaceful …

Build Your Boat – Navigating Life’s Changes

​ Thomas Merton once said that we may spend our whole lives climbing the ladder of success, only to find when we get to the top that our ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall. We are shaken when we find out that, in building a life that we call success, that we are told is success, we have focused on the shiny objects in front of us and have neglected to add to our toolkit so many of the tools necessary to navigate to the far shore of peace, wisdom and contentment. We