We Are the Hands, the Feet and the Heart


Welcome to One World Spiritual Center where we believe that, working together, peace in our world is possible.

As an independent interspiritual community, we celebrate both a global oneness in Spirit and a rich diversity of spiritual wisdom, practices and traditions. Through lesson, prayer, meditation and music, we combine the best of old and new to view timeless teachings with a fresh perspective that brings new life to ancient wisdom.

photo of multi-racial arms all coming together in the center with "Love" written on them
Photo by Jessy Rone via Creative Commons CC-A=

One World provides a contemporary community experience that offers a multi-faceted approach to spirituality, including:

New thought principals ~ We believe that Love is our true essence and that we each have a wellspring of inner wisdom within. We are the hands, the feet and the heart of God. We create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Spirit manifests in the world through us, in us and as us.

Interfaith wisdom ~ We believe that there are many paths to God. In a traditional church, congregants would explore a single spiritual path as prescribed by their religious sect. At One World, we explore the teachings of the world’s major faith traditions and apply them to our lives, learning from history’s great Teachers and current sages. We are dedicated to making these teachings accessible and relevant to everyday living.

Interspiritual community ~ Unlike traditional churches, our congregation encompasses a broad range of spiritual beliefs and practices. Rather than requiring a belief in a single unified system, we believe our spiritual diversity makes us stronger. We focus on the best of many different philosophies and faiths to create relevant spiritual practices that improve our everyday lives, our world and our connection to Spirit.

Independance ~ One World is not tied to the structures or requirements of any specific religion or institution, allowing us to freely and fully explore many wisdom traditions and perspectives. We recognize that our members are creating their own spiritual paths by listening to the voice of Spirit within, learning from the teachings we explore here, and sharing with others the insights they develop. We grow individually and in community.