Sunday, September 24: “The Essence of Healing" with Jeanie Ward

Hurricane Harvey Outreach

Help us support victims of Hurricane Harvey by contributing to one of the many relief organizations working hard to help residents and animals impacted by the storm. When we come together as One World and One Heart we are unstoppable.

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To the Seventh Generation: Sustainability in 2017

Today, as we talk about healing our world and our communities, I know we are keeping in our hearts all those who have recently gone through the fury of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We pray for them and their safety. We also do all we can here in Atlanta to help in the recovery. Many mosques, churches and synagogues opened their doors to our neighbors from Florida, and some of us have friends riding out this stormy time with us. We have posted on our Facebook page the listings of places to donate or volunteer,

Inheriting Wholeness

Today we begin our series on healing – ourselves, our communities, and our world. We’re going to explore how, individually and collectively, we can live fuller lives from the wholeness that is at our center. Wholeness Comes From the Center I believe a good place to begin is with the story of Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore, who was forced by circumstances to find that center and live from it, if she was to live at all. Diagnosed with tuberculosis, usually incurable at that time, she literally had to choose life or death. Indeed, her first

Not For Prime Time Prayer: The Language of the Mystics

Not For Prime Time Prayer: The Language of the Mystics

Today we are taking a look at the role of mystics in this second of a two-part series on the exploration of prayer. Many of you may know of the writings of Matthew Fox, a modern-day Christian mystic whose work focuses on what he calls creation spirituality, envisioning a holy relationship between all living things. He is a former Dominican friar, who was first silenced and then expelled from the order in 1993 for disobedience. Instead of original sin, he taught original blessing. He refused to condemn homosexuality, called God “mother” as well as “father”

Hello? Are You There? An Exploration of Prayer

Hello? Are You There?

Prayer. As we start out, my initial thought is that it’s somewhat of a loaded word – we all have associations with the concept of prayer. If you’re like me, you’ve been praying in one form or another since you were about two, starting out with the bedtime prayer, “now I lay me down to sleep,” or a variation of it. You may have then moved on to Sunday school prayers and reciting prayers out of a book in unison during a worship service. Since childhood, you may have adopted different forms, such as chanting,

The Power of Community

The Power of Community

I want to shift our view today from individual spiritual practices and talk about living and flourishing in community. When we act with intention and awareness, all the practices we’ve discussed add to our capacity to create joyful and supportive community. Now let’s explore our connections, our multi-varied and diverse relationships with each other. Comprehending Community Circles The Greek philosopher Hierocles gave us a way of thinking about the ties that connect us. He invited us to imagine ourselves in the center of what he called comprehending circles. As we stand in the center circle,

The Art of the Deal

I have been thinking a lot lately about politics as the chaos continues to swirl around us. I’ve been reading a good bit about President Trump, as anyone following the news will do, and I found myself considering his book, The Art of the Deal. The Art of the Deal It’s such an American paradigm – such a pervasive notion of success in life. What makes us successful, happy, and fulfilled. If we can reach that pinnacle of success, manage the art of the deal, if we can close that deal, we’ll be happy, successful,