Sunday, June 25, "Making Joyful Connections" with Rev. Sydney Magill Lindquist

What Makes A Hero?

Wonder Woman - A Hero for All Time

Today’s post is the first in a series entitled “The Hero in the Mirror.” Spoiler alert – I’m talking about you. I had to ask myself at the beginning of this series why I wanted to talk about heroism, about each of us growing into heroes and why that matters. It’s an unusual subject for a series, I thought. I chose it because at the end of the day, my goal is to remind you who you are. I’d like to rekindle for you the knowledge that, as Joseph Campbell put it, “you as you

Making Mom Proud: Living Lives That Matter

Welcome, and happy Mother’s Day, to all who are mothers, who celebrate their mothers, and in celebration of the mother-energy available to all of us, regardless of our gender or state of parenthood. Mothers hold a unique place in our minds and hearts. When we reflect on sacrifice, unconditional love, constancy, patience, humor – it’s our mothers who come to mind, or the image we have of motherhood itself. I recently read about a teacher who had a middle school science class studying magnets, and on the test she asked for a six letter word