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Making Mom Proud: Living Lives That Matter

Welcome, and happy Mother’s Day, to all who are mothers, who celebrate their mothers, and in celebration of the mother-energy available to all of us, regardless of our gender or state of parenthood. Mothers hold a unique place in our minds and hearts. When we reflect on sacrifice, unconditional love, constancy, patience, humor – it’s our mothers who come to mind, or the image we have of motherhood itself. I recently read about a teacher who had a middle school science class studying magnets, and on the test she asked for a six letter word

Path to Peace

“The Path to Peace” is a new series aimed at exploring different aspects of peace. Today, we are going to look at inner peace, a quality that we all hope to achieve. On Mother’s Day our topic will be how we live those peaceful, compassionate lives that make our mothers proud. Finally, in our third week we are going to take what I like to call the balcony view, and examine what our communities and our world might look like if we lived from a place of peace. On the fourth Sunday, we’re happy to